Holiday Gift Guide 2022

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Gifts for gardeners — that they will actually use — is back for the holidays!

Our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide will make shopping meaningful, impactful, and fun with unique and valuable gifts to help the gardeners in your life grow a bountiful and healthy garden. Unleash your gift-giving prowess with these awesome and creative gifts for gardeners.

Here is what we are digging this year!

Growing Calendar

With month-by-month planting instructions, the Urban Farmers’ Calendar for growers in USDA Zones 9 and 10 is a valued resource long after the gift-giving season. Beautiful and informational — a gift that truly keeps on giving! This 12-month planting calendar is beloved by gardeners of all skill levels.

Growing Calendar

Seed of the Month VIP Club

Garden thrill-seekers need not look further than the Seed of the Month VIP Club to fulfill their garden yearnings! This one-of-a-kind program gives growers a surprise gift of three hand-selected seed varieties each month. The seasonally appropriate varieties are unique and only available in small batches through our Seed of the Month VIP Club. VIP members are the first to be invited to VIP events, farm tours, and more. Seed of the Month membership is sure to delight a special gardener in your life!

Give the gift of education!

Sign your beloved gardener up for one of our many virtual classes. These classes will give you all you need to know to become a confident gardener in only one session! Can’t join a Beginner Gardner Online Class on Zoom? Sign up for a Teachable class designed for learners to work independently through course materials. Our organic gardening class gives new growers the knowledge and confidence to grow food organically in their own home gardens. At the same time, gardeners can hone their seed-starting skills with Seed Starting Academy.

Rare seeds only available at San Diego Seed Company!

Our collection of rare seeds allows gardeners to grow and enjoy unique varieties of vegetables and flowers that they can only find with us. We are especially proud of our very own Dwarf Tomato Seeds produced this year on SDSC’s organic seed farm, where they performed beautifully! What they lack in height, these stocky, compact plants make up in flavor and yield! Get all four unique dwarf tomato varieties – Rosella Purple, Uluru Ochre, Golden Gypsy, and Chocolate Lightening – with our container tomato variety bundle.

Gift guide: tomato seed bundle

Edible Gifts for the Urban Homesteader

We have yet to meet a gardener who does not love to eat! That is why you cannot go wrong with gifting culinary goodies like our Urban Farmer Pickling Kit, gourmet spice blends, and sea salts. You can enjoy several of our seed varieties pickled and fermented, such as Beets, Cabbage, Carrots, Cauliflower, Cucumbers, Fennel, Garlic, Green Beans, Kohlrabi, Okra, Onions, Hot Peppers, and Radishes. Refrigerator Pickle Gourmet Spice Blend and Pickling Spice Gourmet Spice Blend turn a harvest into a mouthwatering treat! Gift a selection of gourmet seas salts – Fleur de Salt, Smoked Bacon, and Chardonnay Oak, to elevate and bring out the best flavors from the garden.

Straight Outta Compost Gear

Show your support for San Diego Seed Company with our hilarious and quality gear! Shop our t-shirts, hoodies, and tank tops. Guaranteed, these shirts make the wearer stand out!

gift guide: Sweatshirt

Build a Gardeners Tool Kit

Every gardener needs a set of dependable tools for their garden chores. We use our Corona Bypass Pruners so often that we keep multiple pairs stashed around the farm for easy access! They are perfect for pruning tomatoes and other vegetables or flowers. The Dramm Touch N Flow Rain Wand is another tool we love. We use it with the Dramm Shower Plastic Water Breaker attachment for gentle watering; it’s like treating our plants to a spa day!

Overlooked gifts for gardeners are tools that can help growers protect their precious crops from critters, excess heat, and insects. Row cover is excellent for safeguarding seedlings and small plants, while shade cloth can help growers protect whole areas of the garden from excessive heat and wilting. On the farm, both products are indispensable!

New gardeners will appreciate tools for seed starting like a Seedling Heat Mat and Organic Seed Starting Mix. Wrap these up with a Beginner Gardener 5-Pack of no-fuss, easy-to-grow seeds. Bam!

Container gardening

Gifts for Small Space Growers

We intentionally offer over 200 varieties of seeds suitable for container gardening. Everyone should have the opportunity to grow fresh organic produce, tasty herbs, and beautiful flowers regardless of space. Small space growers need not feel left out; there are compact varieties of their favorite crops to be discovered. Organic Patio Pride Sugar Snap Pea seeds, patty pan squash, and Dwarf Mix Strawflower seeds are just a few of the container varieties you will find while seeking out the perfect gift. Include the gift of a thriving garden with us Fully Loaded Fertility Bundle! Health-conscious gardeners will appreciate a collection of heat-tolerant greens for healthy, fresh greens from the garden that will grow year-round and take up little space!

Flower Seed Collection

Meaningful gifts come from the heart. Two real-life San Diego Seed Company customer stories that warm our hearts are of a beginner gardener growing sunflowers for their significant other and an experienced gardener growing flowers year-round to give away. She turns them into bouquets for assisted living residents unable to garden for themselves. These labors of love are examples of how tiny flower seeds can bring so much joy. Whether you gift or grow the seeds yourself, our wide range of flower varieties is sure to have something your gift recipient will love! Shop all flower seeds here.

Can’t decide what to get? Our Pollinator Collection brings tons of bees, butterflies, moths, and other pollinators to the garden. A win for all!

Gift cards for every occasion!

A digital San Diego Seed Company Gift Card is right for any occasion and is so simple to gift. Gift cards can be bought in any amount, making them the perfect gift to share with your gardening friends during the holiday season. Keep some on hand to print out and tuck into a holiday card.

Shop all seeds, tools, and merchandise here.


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