Plant squash seed in your summer garden! With hundreds of varieties of squash seed to choose from, we recommend trying a new variety each season to explore all the flavors, colors, and textures available to growers.  Within the squash family, known as Cucurbitaceae, there are four major species. C. maxima, C. mixta, C. moschata, and C. Pepo. Because squash is such a diverse plant group, it is easiest to understand the two overarching types from the perspective of a gardener or farmer: summer squash and winter squash. Summer squash has shorter days to maturity, tender flesh, and soft skin that you can easily pierce. Best eaten fresh as a summertime vegetable, summer squash does not keep for long and is best consumed soon after harvest. These types of squash include zucchini, yellow straight neck squash, and others.  On the other hand, winter squash is a great storage crop and can be kept well through the winter, hence the name. Winter squash is planted in the same manner and warm season as summer squash but bears fruits with tough skins that can help them store through the winter months. Winter squash have longer days to maturity; they tend to have hard rinds, keeping well past summertime for winter enjoyment. Plant squash seed in warm soils and keep the soil moist until germination. Thinning squash plants is a good practice. Although squash can be a very prolific grower and take over tons of space, we offer many bush varieties of squash that can be planted in containers, pots, and small-space gardens; for the most prolific and healthy squash plants, water evenly and deeply at the soil level. Do not overhead water as this promotes foliar diseases.  For summer squash varieties, harvest regularly to encourage continued production and take advantage of smaller fruit sizes that tend to have better flesh texture. Winter squashes can be left on the vine and picked before the first frost.  Our squash varieties are chosen for flavor, yield, and disease resistance. Plant squash seed in your garden or on your farm today! 

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