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New to gardening? Get our beginner gardener 5 pack with 5 varieties of plants that are no fuss, easy to germinate and grow!

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Not sure what to grow as a beginning gardener? Do you need a gift for a newbie gardener in your life?  

No need to worry, thanks to our Beginning Gardener 5 Pack! We now offer a 5-pack of hand-selected seed varieties, all chosen for their ease of planting! All five packs contain seeds that are easily hand sown directly into the soil with little effort, helping to ensure the success of the new gardener.  

Varieties included in the Beginning Gardener 5 Pack are:  

Roquette Arugula

Leisure Cilantro

Buttercrunch Lettuce

Watermelon Radish Seeds

Russian Mammoth Sunflower


Plant these varieties from spring through fall when soil temperatures are above 50 degrees. Simply plant the seeds in well-worked soil or potting mix, cover them with the correct amount of soil (see packet instructions), keep moist until they germinate, and voilà — your seeds will germinate easily and quickly! 

Looking for more help? We have everything you need to know in our wide range of educational materials.

Tips for Direct Seeding

Free Seed Starting Presentation

Successful Seed Germination

Looking for more growing advice? Follow us on YouTube where we have TONS of videos on how to plant, care and harvest for your garden.


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