Cucumber seeds are planted in our garden and on our farm every spring with great excitement! We love the anticipation of planting cucumber seeds, knowing that we will soon enjoy fresh, crunchy cucumbers in our salads and garden-fresh pickles for snacking! Cucumbers are a must-have in your garden during the warm season! Historically cucumbers have been raised for their cooling effect and phytonutrients. Cucumbers have a long interesting history, including biblical mentions. From the Greeks to the Romans, cucumbers were immensely popular and believed to have many healing qualities. Emperor Tiberius demanded cucumbers at every meal, which forced the growers at the time to extend growing seasons using a similar structure to the cold frames we use today! A genetically diverse plant group, cucumbers come in a wide range of flavors, growth sizes, and textures. Cucumber seeds planted for pickling cucumbers should be harvested small for ease of pickling, while other cucumbers can be left to grow larger for slicing. Because any cucumber variety can become bitter and fibrous if left to grow large, it’s best to harvest cucumbers when they are biologically immature. This is when the seeds are not yet fully developed in the cucumber. Plant cucumber seeds in warm soil and allow plants to grow in full sun. Avoid overhead watering to prevent foliage diseases. Most cucumber varieties, unless noted, are best grown on a trellis and allowed to climb. Choose from our many varieties of cucumber seeds, all chosen for disease resistance, yield, and flavor. Cucumber seeds should be planted several times throughout the spring and summer for an extended harvest window in temperate areas. Our cucumber varieties include slicer or snack cucumbers, pickling cucumbers, and more. Try them all in your garden!  

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