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Every season we plant tomatillo seeds along with our tomato seeds! These fun plants produce loads of "husk tomatoes" that we use for fresh, tangy salsa all season long. Also known as Mexican husk tomatoes, tomatillos are part of the tomato family and originated in Mexico. As a relative of the wild tomatoes, tomatillos have a long history of uses in South and Central American cuisine.  Tomatillo seeds should be planted and treated similarly to tomatoes. Cultural practices for growing tomatillos mirror tomatoes with a few exceptions. Tomatillo plants tend to be bushy but will require support, especially during heavy fruit sets. Their heavy fruit set can cause branches to break under their weight. Harvest tomatillos regularly to prevent their stems from breaking and also to encourage more fruit sets. Like tomatoes, tomatillos enjoy warm soil temperatures and should be planted in the warm season. In areas with frost, start tomatillos 6–8 weeks indoors before the last frost. In mild regions like Zones 9 and 10, tomatillos can become short-lived perennials.  Tomatillo seeds can be direct sown, but because of the small seed size, we recommend planting tomatillo seeds in starter pots and planting out when they are ready. Mulching around plants and watering deeply at the soil level will increase production. Avoid overheating watering as this promotes foliar diseases—harvest tomatillos when the fruits fully fill their papery husk, also known as a calyx. Tomatillos keep well in refrigeration. Plant tomatillo seeds in your garden and enjoy homegrown salsa and sauces to add flavor to dishes. 

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purple tomatillos

Purple Tomatillo Seeds


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Tomatillo Verde

Organic Tomatillo Verde Seeds

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