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Collard seeds can be planted year-round in the mild areas of Zones 9 and 10. This heat-tolerant green is a great choice for warm weather climates like the American Southwest. A hearty and easy to grow green, collard greens are packed with nutrition. As one of the most nutritionally dense dark leafy greens you can grow in most gardens, it will give your family tons of healthy food in a small space. Collard greens are great plants for food forests as they are easy to plant and maintain. Collard seeds can easily be planted and grown in containers, pots, or other small space gardens. These easy to grow greens are a superfood too often underrated in the kitchen. Collards can be used interchangeably with kale. We plant collard seeds year-round on our farm to enjoy them in a wide range of meals. In addition to the popular and common stewed or braised greens, collards can be baked and made into chips just like kale! We actually prefer collards chips as they tend to stay whole more than kale does when baked. When growing collards, remember that they enjoy cool temperatures but can handle warm temperatures and still thrive. Watering deeply and adding mulch around plants helps retain moisture and reduce wilting during extremely warm weather. On our farm, our collards thrive right through the summer! Collard greens can become perennials in mild climates like that of San Diego. Grow collards in your garden for a heavy and constant yield of dark leafy greens. 

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