Why Grow Organic Produce?

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Growing your own organic food garden is rewarding and has several benefits. Here are just a few: 
Economic Benefit:

Growing organic food for yourself can seem expensive, but with a few tips from us, and other savvy gardeners, you can grow organic, healthy food inexpensively! In the short term, the cost to grow your own organic food may be more than the price of food from the store. In the long run, however — especially if you learn to grow from seed — that’s not the case. And, the long list of benefits for the environment and your health should make it well worth it.  

Food Safety and Security:

In today’s world of mega-marts, genetically modified food, and giant industrial agriculture, we don’t always know where our food comes from or what is in it. By growing your own food at home or in a community garden, you can be confident you are eating clean, chemical-free produce.  


Community gardens, home gardens, CSA (community supported agriculture), and local farmers’ markets all have one common and priceless feature—they bring together the community. By growing your own organic food, you will quickly find how it brings you together with other gardeners, neighbors, and children. Community is vitally important in today’s world and ever more essential in an urban setting.  

Nature-Deficit Disorder:

Yep, that’s right, that’s a real thing! Coined by Richard Louv, this theory maintains that people can experience adverse effects from spending little to no time outdoors in today’s world of constant media and lack of natural interaction. By joining a community garden or starting your own garden, you can help yourself and others reverse this disorder.  

People together in the garden


Let’s not forget one of the most important benefits: FUN! That’s right; gardening is downright fun! No matter how much you hate getting dirty or dislike bugs, gardening can be an enjoyable activity and a great form of exercise.  


Growing organic food right in your backyard is just one more way that you can keep things a bit more local. A garden from your backyard or a community garden down the street beats a mushy tomato from 1,500 miles away!  

Variety and Flavor:

Growing your own food allows you to choose from hundreds of thousands of varieties of herbs, flowers, and veggies. Most people are not even aware that carrots come in every color of the rainbow. If you grow your own, you can surprise your family and friends with purple carrots like our Cosmic Purple variety.  

Independence and Confidence:

Why grow organic? Thomas Jefferson once said that a man without a plow was not a man at all. This reference may seem out of date now, but at that time, the ability to produce food was your livelihood. Although today we have food at our fingertips, many studies suggest that the ability to produce food, especially organic food, can increase your confidence and well-being. Just ask any farmer or home gardener, and they will tell you how gratifying and liberating it is to grow your own food. 


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