Shop our expanding collection of fruit seeds. Planting fruit can add variety, flavor, and sweetness to your home garden or farm. Fruit seeds like strawberries and ground cherries are easy to grow and produce a sweet treat that you can enjoy in your garden harvest basket. Have you ever tried Peruvian ground cherry jam? It’s amazing! If you have never grown Peruvian ground cherries, check out this video on YouTube. You can plant many fruit seeds once, and they will produce fruit for the seasons to come! In temperate zones like those of Zones 9 and 10, many fruiting plants will overwinter in mild weather and produce almost all year round. For those in other zones, planting fruit can offer an economical way to produce fruit in the garden instead of purchasing transplants or large plants. Another benefit of planting fruit seeds is that many fruiting plants easily produce dividable plants by way of roots or runners. These can be divided, transplanted in the garden, or shared with neighbors and friends. Simply divide strawberry runners in the spring when the plants are established and healthy. These runners can easily be transplanted in another space in the garden or shared. Everyone loves the gift of a fruit plant! Although planting fruit seeds takes some time, preparation, and consideration, it is well worth the work for those who love gardening and the taste of fresh fruit from the garden! Try planting fruit seeds today and see what delicious and sweet treats you can enjoy straight from the garden.

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