Carrot seeds are one of our favorite seed crops to produce for our growers. Carrot seed itself is very fragrant. Don’t believe us? Smell your carrot seeds next time they arrive! Growing carrots from seed can be challenging, but the reward is well worth the work! Once you learn how to grow carrots using our wealth of pro-tips and videos, you will grow carrots in your garden from seed year after year.  Carrots are believed to have been domesticated in central Asia around 900 CE and became very diverse as travelers moved around the globe. This genetically diverse crop is one of the most important root crops of temperate regions, and for good reason! As a varied and nutritious crop, carrots can provide you and your family with tasty roots to enjoy all season long.  For new gardeners looking to grow carrots, we highly recommend you watch our carrot YouTube video. When growing carrots, remember that they need constant moisture to germinate. We recommend covering your carrot seeds with finely sifted soil, vermiculite, burlap, or cardboard while they germinate to trap moisture.  Carrots are categorized as Nantes, Chantenay, or Danvers, depending on their root shape. Our carrots are chosen for flavor, color, and ability to grow in less than perfect soil. Succession plant carrots every 21 days for a constant supply of carrots. Carrots can be grown year-round in mild climates. They are super sweet and tender and a must for every garden!  

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