Planting flower seeds in your garden or farm is about more than just enjoying beautiful blooms. It’s a way you can invite beneficial pollinators and insects to your garden or farm and help create a healthy, thriving ecosystem for your crops. By planting flower seeds, you can enjoy blooms year-round, provide critical habitat for insects, and diminish pest pressure. Shop from our ever-increasing varieties of flowers and choose from wildflower seeds, cutting flower seeds, edible flower seeds, and more! When planting our seeds in your garden, selecting varieties that will do well in your area and planting them during the correct season is important. You will find that each of our seed packs has the appropriate season to plant the seeds in, along with other planting details. “Cool Season” or “Warm Season” is written on the pack for your convenience. You also can find complete planting information for each product on our website. For an overview of planting information for flower seeds in Zones 9 and 10, use our planting chart, which you can find above the logo at the top left of our website. Many varieties of flowers can overwinter and grow robust root systems during the cooler months of mild climates like that of Zones 9 and 10. Allowing the plants to overwinter and establish robust root systems will help them strive in the warm, dry weather of spring, summer, and fall. Follow us on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook for more planting tips and instructions and join our newsletter for pro-tips to get your garden blooming!    

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