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A.  At San Diego Seed Company we hand harvest, process and package our seeds. This is a more environmentally friendly way to bring heirloom seeds to you as opposed to using large and costly factory machines. This way we can provide you with a better product. Occasionally, during this process, as with any hand processing, there can be chaff or plant particles that remain in the seeds that are packaged. This plant material will pose no harm to your seeds or their germination.

A. San Diego Seed Company seeds are produced at several micro-farms located around San Diego County. This allows us to grow several varieties without cross-pollination.

A. San Diego Seed Company sells only heirloom and organic seeds. This means no GMO seeds or hybrid seeds. Not sure what that means? Check out this information about GMO’s, organic and heirloom seeds.

A. San Diego Seed Company is working hard to convert all seed packages into our new packaging, complete with growing information. Until this is completed all planting information can be found just a click away on our website.

A. Germination days are typically given for ideal conditions, meaning that if a seed package says seven days until germination, it takes seven days to sprout that seed if the moisture, temperature and lighting are ideal. San Diego Seed Company will label germination as a range of days because ideal conditions are rare when starting seeds.

A. After you purchase your seeds you will want to decide if your seeds should be started in smaller pots for transplanting or direct sowing.  For transplants please see our gardening 101 page for tips and advice.
A. You can purchase seed on our online store or our retail locations.
A. Currently we have several retail locations where you can find a large selection of our seeds. Click here to find all of our retailers.
A. For retail information please contact us at

A. We offer limited internships for students looking to learn more about urban farming and the importance of seeds in sustainable farming. For information about availability please contact us at