Bean seeds are so easy to grow! As a large-seeded crop, beans are much more resilient and forgiving to their growing conditions than smaller seeded crops. Growing bean seeds allows you to discover the 400 types of beans that exist in the world today! These varieties include wide ranges of color, flavor, and growing profiles you will not find in stores! Additional benefits of planting bean seeds are that they are beneficial to garden soil. Plants in the Fabaceae family can leave nitrogen in your soil for future crops. They are essential for crop rotation on our farm and in our garden for this reason. Beans can be categorized as bush or pole beans. Bush beans do not need a trellis, while pole beans will require a fixture to grow on. Both pole and bush beans can be enjoyed as fresh pods or left to mature on the plant for dry beans. Harvest small beans as much as possible, and towards the end of the season, leave the rest of the bean pods to mature on the plant for dry bean seeds. These seeds can be cooked or saved for future planting. For small tender bean pods, it is best to succession plant bean seeds for a continuous harvest. Whether you are an experienced gardener or a new gardener, beans are easy to plant and produce a bounty of nutritious produce to be enjoyed and shared with family and neighbors. Try our ever-expanding collection of bean seeds today! 

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