Gardening in San Diego

Garden Advice for San Diego If you’re gardening in San Diego, our amazing climates give us the ability to grow many things year-round. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy, even if you’re a “seasoned” gardener. So, we’ve created this article … Read More

Succession Planting Guide

Do you succession plant? If not, you are missing out on keeping your garden as productive as you can. Succession planting is the simple act of always planting new items in the garden so that when your current plants start … Read More

Understanding Types of Seeds

Understanding Types of Seeds

When you decide to grow from seed, one of the more important decisions you make is choosing between different types of seeds — heirloom, hybrid, organic and GMO seeds. We’ve outlined below what we mean by these terms so you can … Read More

Why Grow Organic Produce?

Why Grow Your Own Organic Produce?

Growing your own organic food garden is rewarding and has several benefits. Here are just a few:  Economic Benefit:  Growing organic food for yourself can seem expensive, but with a few tips from us, and other savvy gardeners, you can … Read More

Grow a Vegetable Garden

grow a vegetable garden

Grow a vegetable garden in Zones 9 and 10. (And great advice if you are not in our Zone!)  Growing a vegetable garden in Southern California and beyond is easy if you understand your climate. Here we will outline the … Read More

Summer Garden Tips for Southern California

Summer garden

Summer Garden Tips for Southern California Your summer garden should be giving you more produce than you can eat, but growing in the summer can be challenging. The weather in summer gardens in some areas of Southern California can be … Read More

How to Start a Vegetable Garden

If you want to learn how to start a vegetable garden, we’ve been at it for years here on our organic seed farm in San Diego. We know that a home vegetable garden is an essential part of a healthy and … Read More

Fall Vegetables to Grow

Cool Season Vegetables

What Vegetables to Plant in the Fall If you’re wondering about which fall vegetables to grow, we can help you have a successful cool-season garden in Zones 9 and 10! Learn what to grow for a bountiful garden you can … Read More

Growing Onions

Growing Onions Growing onions is a must for any garden! There are so many different varieties all with unique flavors that will come to life in your kitchen. Spring onions are sweet, mild, and great in salads. Bulbing onions of … Read More

Growing Bush Beans

bush beans

The wonders of growing bush beans should not be overlooked in the garden. There are numerous benefits to growing bush beans in the garden, especially in container gardens or urban gardens that have limited space. When to Grow Bush Beans … Read More

Fall Gardening in Southern California

fall gardening

Fall gardening in Southern California’s Mediterranean climate means long, mild autumns and an extended summer growing season. This guide is meant to help you respond to Fall gardening challenges and make the most of this time of year. Characteristics of … Read More

Growing Kale

Growing kale is super easy and can provide you and your family with tons of nutrient-dense food in a small space. There are so many varieties of kale in different colors, shapes, and flavors. One thing they all have in … Read More