Planting Charts and Calendars

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Our planting charts and calendars for growers in Zones 5–10 help you focus on growing crops during the right time of the year for the most bountiful harvest, the least pest issues, and the best flavor.

Find Your Planting Zone

Enter your address here to find your planting zone. Knowing your zone will help you make better decisions in your garden and allow you to take advantage of our zone-specific planting charts and calendars. The US Department of Agriculture created these zones based on a crop’s hardiness or ability to succeed in certain weather conditions. This information is important for choosing varieties that will do well in your climate.

Planting Calendar
Zone-Specific Planting Charts and Calendars

Now that you know your planting zone, visit our zone-specific planting calendars below, which show the optimal time to start plants from seeds, when to succession plant, and when to harvest. We include growing tips to help increase your success during the growing season.

Our Quick-Glance Planting Chart for Zones 9 and 10 is a deeper look at when to plant specific vegetables, herbs, and flowers in Zones 9 and 10. This comprehensive planting chart provides transplanting and direct seeding recommendations, planting notes, succession schedules, and more.

Get to Know Your Microclimate

Successful growers learn how conditions in their location differ from general guidelines and modify them to fit their situation. Therefore, we encourage you to monitor local temperatures and get to know your microclimate. If you live in a valley or on top of a hill, your microclimate could vary from your neighbors just a few miles away.


As a seed company based out of San Diego, CA, we emphasize resources and specialize in acclimating seeds to the range of microclimates in our region so that growers can be as successful as possible. We select varieties for traits, such as heat tolerance, that are exceedingly important to growers along the West Coast and across the southern band of the continental US. Our seeds are 100% viable for growers in other zones. You can find planting guidelines for all zones within the information section of each product page. When choosing crops to grow in Zones 5–8, ensuring they mature during your frost-free days is the most important consideration. Some of our San Diego Seed Company varieties have long days to maturity because the growing season in parts of Zone 10 is 365 days!

Urban Farming and Planting Calendar

Want to stay organized in the garden all year long? You can with our Urban Farmers’ Calendar for growers in Zones 9 and 10! Our popular 12-month calendar makes a great gift. It is much more than just a place to write down your appointments. Each month has timely pro tips, articles, and garden to-do lists to help you grow!

Planting Charts and Calendars Video:

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