DIY Tomato Trellis Systems

DIY Tomato Trellis

DIY Tomato Trellis Tomatoes need a structure to keep them off the ground and orderly. As the weather warms up, the tomatoes you planted for summer are likely growing like mad, signaling the need for a DIY tomato trellis! DIY … Read More

How to Keep Soil Moist in Warm Weather

how to keep soil moist

How to Keep Soil Moist in Warm Weather Summertime is a beautiful time for going to the beach and enjoying the sun rays, but for the garden, it can be challenging to keep crops happy, as days get longer and … Read More

Growing Cucumbers from Seed

Growing cucumbers from seed can be easy and fun when armed with a bit of knowledge. Here you will learn how to grow cucumbers from seed, what types of cucumbers are available to you, how to grow cucumbers in containers, … Read More

Summer Garden Tips for Southern California

Summer garden

Summer Garden Tips for Southern California Your summer garden should be giving you more produce than you can eat, but growing in the summer can be challenging. The weather in summer gardens in some areas of Southern California can be … Read More

Growing Bush Beans

bush beans

The wonders of growing bush beans should not be overlooked in the garden. There are numerous benefits to growing bush beans in the garden, especially in container gardens or urban gardens that have limited space. When to Grow Bush Beans … Read More