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Celery seed is easy to grow and produces a bountiful plant you can use in the kitchen in tons of dishes. Homegrown celery tastes nothing like what you get from the store! Discover the bold flavors of celery grown from seeds in your garden or on your farm. Homegrown celery is often sweeter and stronger in flavor than the watery varieties sold in most grocery stores. Plant celery seeds in cool, moist soil and allow them to grow in the cool season for Zones 9 and 10. In areas without mild winters that can expect heavy frosts, plant celery seeds in the late summer and early fall; use row covers to extend your growing season and protect your plants from frost. You can alternatively plant celery in the early spring. If you let your celery plant go to seed, you can enjoy delicious celery seed to use in cooking!  Enjoy tasty celery from the garden with our specially selected, high-quality seed varieties. In areas with warm temperatures and minimal rain like Zones 9 and 10, mulching heavily around your celery plants is beneficial. Celery plants can be harvested multiple times. Simply cut the plant a few inches above the ground and allow the plant to grow back. In temperate coastal areas, you can grow celery year-round. Celery seed has a long-standing history of usage dating back to 4,000 B.C. and is thought to have originated from the domestication of wild celery in Europe. You can use celery seeds in cooking, baking, and medicinally. Celery plants are equally as versatile with a wide range of applications in the kitchen and medicinally.  

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Organic Utah Celery Seeds

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