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Artichoke seeds produce an edible flower head that you can enjoy in many dishes. Artichokes are cultivated from a wild variety of cardoon, which is native to the Mediterranean area. These ornamental plants are perennial in mild areas of Zones 9 and 10. Artichoke seeds are very easy to grow. Plant them in your flower garden to enjoy their stunning blooms or in your veggie garden for an edible treat. Artichoke seeds can produce large plants, so give them ample room to grow. They can grow at least 3' tall and wide. Artichokes are best when picked at optimal timing before the flower heads open. If you are a gardener that loves easy food-producing plants for food forests, urban spaces, or ornamental gardens, then artichokes are for you! On our farm, we often grow artichokes from seed interspersed with other ornamental plants. It's a pleasure to go through the flower garden and harvest unopened artichoke heads. Any that are missed become stunning florescent purple flowers that butterflies and other pollinators love. There is no way to lose with artichokes! Start artichoke seeds in quality seed starting mix and plant out after the last frost. In Zones 9 and 10, artichokes can be started in the fall and planted out in the spring. In other zones, seeds can be started in protected culture in the fall and planted after the threat of frost is gone. Plants can be divided and transplanted from bare roots in mild climates. Plant artichoke seeds today and realize their beauty, flavor, and resilience!  

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Green Globe Artichoke Seeds


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