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San Diego Seed Company

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“We do not sell conventional seeds,
we sell seeds of passion and patience.”

San Diego Seed Company

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The Best Seeds a conscientious gardener can get!

  • We specialize in vegetable, flower and herb seeds that have been trialed for exceptional performance and yield. Gardeners and growers will know our varieties are carefully chosen for success.
  • We carry regionally adapted heirloom, open-pollinated varieties that are non-gmo, untreated and sustainably grown and sourced. Our seeds are non-gmo and we are part of the Safe Seed Pledge.
  • We specialize in Southern California and also sell throughout the United States.
  • We can customize any order to fit your store needs. This includes guaranteed sales, seed buyback, consignment and more! Speak with us today to find out what works best for your store.
  • Our seed is trialed by real growers and our brand is a seal of excellence for regionally adapted seed.

Who we Are:

We are a family owned company whose primary goal is promoting regional, organic seed production for sustainable agriculture.

We promote and support our retailers through various social media outlets allowing them to gain more exposure and customers.

We educate our customers through regular seminars, classes and promotional events. Your store can be promoted during our regular appearances on social media, radio shows, podcasts and more!

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