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San Diego Seed Company is the only seed company serving San Diego and Southern California with regionally adapted seeds. 100% of our seeds are trialed and tested locally for the best quality standards a grower can get. Our wholesale programs are simple, straightforward and flexible for our vendors.

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Brijette Pena
Brijette Pena

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    Offer the Best Seeds a Conscientious Gardener Can Get!

    • We specialize in vegetable, flower and herb seeds that have been trialed for exceptional performance and yield. Gardeners and growers will know our varieties are carefully chosen for success.

    • We carry regionally adapted heirloom, open-pollinated varieties that are non-gmo, untreated and sustainably grown and sourced. Our seeds are non-gmo and we are part of the Safe Seed Pledge.

    • We specialize in Southern California and the American Southwest. We also sell throughout the United States.

    • Our seed is trialed by real growers and our brand is a seal of excellence for regionally adapted seed.

    We have enjoyed working with San Diego Seed Company since they started in 2010. We love to see how they have grown along with keeping their quality of seed and customer service. They always keep it interesting by bringing new seed varieties to our shelves and making sure our customers know they are buying quality local seeds for their yards.
    Sam Tall, 2nd Generation Owner of City Farmers Nursery
    tomato varieties for container growers container tomato variety bundle


    San Diego Seed Company is a unique, sustainable urban producer of hand-harvested seeds, producing seeds in creative growing areas in San Diego County


    San Diego Seed company believes ingenuity and creativity fuel sustainability. We recycle all garden waste in our seed production, many times repurposing it for many more seasons. Because we grow in an urban setting, we must also utilize every bit of growing space to produce the seeds you love. With everything we do, we try our best to accomplish tasks in the most sustainable manner possible, including hand-harvesting our products, on-site composting, recycling, and of course, discouraging the use of synthetic chemicals.

    Women Owned and Operated

    According to the United States Department of Agriculture, less than 15% of farms and agriculture-related businesses are woman-owned and operated. San Diego Seed Company is proud to say we are part of that small yet distinguished group.

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