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Amaranth seeds produce a stunning plant that has multi-uses as a flower, grain, and edible green. This heirloom gluten-free pseudo-cereal (similar to grain) has made a big comeback! Dating back as far as 8,000 years ago in the Holocene era, this genetically diverse plant has tons of uses and nutritional value. Amaranth contains high amounts of fiber and protein and many micronutrients essential to good health. Its earthy and nutty flavor is a great addition to many dishes. You can now find amaranth seeds in many brands of chips, bread, and other grain products. Traditionally grown more than wheat before the turn of the century, amaranth seed is easy to grow and highly prolific. The tiny seeds produced on an amaranth plant can be collected and used in cooking, planted as a microgreen, used supplemental animal feed, and more. Amaranth is grown each year on our farm for its yield, ease of growing, and beauty. We receive many comments from those who stop to admire this unusual and beautiful plant. We love sharing about its nutritional properties and uses! If you are looking for a unique and beautiful plant to grow, amaranth is a great choice! Amaranth is loved by birds too and makes a great addition to wildlife gardens. Plant amaranth in an area that can grow tall and watch the birds come to enjoy the bounty of seed it produces. If you have never grown amaranth, it's about time you try it! This plant has been around for more than 8,000 years for a good reason! Buy Amaranth Seeds and grow it today! 

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Burgundy Amaranth

Organic Burgundy Amaranth Seeds

USDA Organic

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emerald tassels amaranth

Emerald Tassels Amaranth Seeds


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Coral Fountian Amaranth

Coral Fountain Amaranth Seeds


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