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Fennel seed is planted to grow fennel bulbs and produce more seed; these seeds are a tasty addition to your herb and spice collection. We use fennel seeds in our pickling spices, baked goods, sauces, and curries.  The seeds and bulbs have a mild anise flavor and are prized for their medicinal effects on indigestion. Fennel has been traditionally used for various digestive problems and was such an important food crop and medicinal crop that Emperor Charlemagne required that it be grown on all imperial farms. Fennel bulbs are fragrant vegetables that can be eaten raw or cooked. We use fennel in salads, recipes with fish, and stews. The complex flavor of the fennel is a great addition to dishes in which you desire to create a multidimensional flavor profile.  Fennel is very easy to grow and requires little care—plant fennel seed in the spring or fall for fennel bulb production. Harvest your fennel bulbs before they go to flower for the best flavor. If you let your fennel go to seed, allow beneficial insects and pollinators to enjoy the beautiful umbrella flowers. Fennel flowers are a favorite of ladybugs, butterflies, and other beneficial insects. Because fennel and its seeds have so many uses and is very easy to grow, it is a great choice for food forests, ornamental gardens, and pollinator gardens! Our fennel varieties are chosen for the flavor, yield, and texture of the bulb. Fennel enjoys cool temperatures. Use shade cloth to protect your fennel plants if extremely hot temperatures are expected during the growing season. 

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