Plant pumpkin seeds this spring for a bountiful pumpkin patch in the fall! The diverse pumpkins you can grow from our collection will give you pumpkins to wow your neighbors and friends; enjoy your harvest as a delicious meal, or use for decoration. Pumpkin seeds are very easy to direct sow and a favorite among children. With hundreds of varieties of pumpkins available in seed form, gardeners and farms can choose from a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes to plant. When selecting pumpkin seeds to plant in your garden or farm, growing the best pumpkin for your final purpose is important. If you intend on using your pumpkin seeds for baking and cooking, you will find varieties listed specifically for those uses. In contrast, other pumpkins are best grown for carving or ornamental uses.  Pumpkins, like all squashes, enjoy warm soil and air temperatures—plant pumpkin seeds in the warm season in full sun. In areas with frost, start pumpkins 3–4 indoors before the last frost. In mild regions, pumpkins can be directly sown after the threat of frost is gone. Use row covering to protect pumpkin seedlings during cool spring or summer temperatures. Pumpkins can be grown in containers or raised beds by allowing vines to flow out of the container or raised bed. Water deeply and evenly at the base of the plant and mulch heavily to retain moisture in hot, dry climates. Avoid overhead watering, when possible, to prevent foliar diseases. Pumpkins should be harvested when their skin has grown into a tough rind. Use a fingernail to test the skin. If it is resistant to puncture, you can harvest it! Pumpkins store well through the winter and can be enjoyed as decoration or food well into the spring! 

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