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Corona Bypass Pruners are durable hand pruners for your everyday gardening needs. They make great gifts for gardeners too!

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Corona Bypass Pruners are durable hand pruners for your everyday gardening needs. Over the years, we have gone through hundreds (maybe more) of pruners. Many of them are too cheap to handle our abuse or too poorly designed to keep up with farm work. These Corona Bypass Pruners are just right for us. A high-quality product with replaceable parts, you will never have to buy another pair of pruners again (unless you need multiple pairs like us!)

These Corona Bypass pruners have two curved blades that pass, resulting in cleaner cuts as the blade passes through the stem of the item you are pruning. These pruners have carbon steel blades with a maximum cutting thickness of 1″. Use your pruners to cut flowers, prune roses and raspberry canes, or snip herbs from your garden. The one-inch blade is perfect for pruning tomatoes and other vegetables in the garden or on the farm!


Why we use Corona Bypass Pruners

We have used so many pruners on the farm and were even lucky enough to get a pair of Felco pruners! These high-end pruners are great, but the price tag is just too much for our farm, where we lose tools and need several of each in easy reach! We began using the Corona Bypass Pruners and fell in love. Quality, affordability, and usage won us over! Their red comfort-grip handles also make these pruners easy to locate. You will want to have more than one pair in your garden kit!

Tip: Place weatherproof stations around your garden for easy tool storage. A thrifted mailbox works great. Your pruners will last much longer if you keep them out of the weather!

Product Details

Weight 0.4 lbs

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  1. Angelie Ryah

    These are my all-time favorite pruners! I was lucky enough to start with this exact model and still have it 20 years later working just great. They fit easily in the hand so you don’t get tired with repetitive clipping. I really like the quick release lock and unlock, it’s easier to use than any other design I’ve seen.

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