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Plant husk cherry seeds in your garden for a fun and whimsical fruit! Husk cherries, also known as ground cherries, cape gooseberries, and strawberry tomato, are related to the tomato and tomatillo and have similar growth habits. The husk cherry is essentially a sweet and tropical flavored cherry tomato wrapped in a husk.  We love growing husk cherries from seed on the farm, and in Zones 9 and 10, they can easily become perennials and take over an area of the garden. This amazing plant is so fun to grow, pick and eat. We suggest planting husk cherry seeds in school gardens, community gardens, home gardens, and food forests. They take little to no care once established and have few pest issues.  Because husk cherry seeds are so small, we recommend you plant them in starter pots and plant them out when they are ready. Plant in full sun with regular irrigation and watch them grow and grow! Bees also love husk cherry flowers! Harvest the cherries when the husks around their fruit become papery and brown. You also can easily harvest husk cherries that fall to the ground. Hence the name, ground cherry! These fruits are incredibly fun and a joy to grow from seed and eat. The flavor explodes in your mouth when you bite into one of these treats! We eat the fruits raw on our farm, turn them into jams and jellies, and dehydrate them. They are delicious when tossed into salty trail mixes. No matter how you enjoy them, husk cherry seeds are easy to grow and become a rewarding plant giving you tons of tasty fruit with little effort. 

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Peruvian Ground Cherry

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