Spinach seed is planted every spring and fall in our garden to provide our kitchen with a steady stream of delicious and nutritious leafy greens. Spinach seed prefers being planted in cool soils; due to our warm climatic conditions, our spinach varieties are rigorously trialed and tested for their ability to produce in our hot, dry climate. Spinach seed does best planted during the fall in Zones 9 and 10. We recommend using shade cloth, row cover, or both to protect seedlings during the warm months of fall.  It is thought that spinach originated in Persia and was sent as a gift to China by the king of Nepal in the 7th century. Due to its high nutritional content and delicate flavor as a green, it became widely popular throughout Europe in the 11th century when the Moors introduced it. Today you can find spinach on every shelf of a supermarket. However, as good as store-bought spinach is, its shelf life in your fridge is short at best. Growing from high-quality spinach seed will give you a steady supply of spinach and offer more variety than what you can find in the store. Thanks to our rigorous testing and trialing process, you can grow a happy, healthy spinach patch for your family to enjoy. Spinach can be categorized as savory, semi-savory, and smooth leafed spinach. Savory spinach is the most common spinach with thick, dimpled leaves. Semi-savory spinach tends to be a bit more upright, making it easier to harvest. Smooth leaved spinach does not have the ruffled and dimpled leaves of savory spinach, making it a bit easier to wash and clean. No matter what spinach seed you plant in your garden, take advantage of our vigorous trialing of spinach varieties to grow a happy, prolific spinach patch!  


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