Join the Movement to create a Million Urban Farmers!

Brijette Pena

We want to inspire, educate and support a Million Urban Farmers.

-  Brijette Peña, Founder, San Diego Seed Comapny

At San Diego Seed Company, we have one simple goal. To get you growing! Our Million Urban Farmers campaign is the face of that goal. We want to inspire, educate, and support a Million Urban Farmers.

Why is urban farming so important to us? Farming and/or gardening in any space whether big or small can lead to healthier communities. Because purchasing land and farming in rural spaces can be challenging for most, we see urban farming as a solution. People growing directly in the communities where they live creates connections with neighbors and shorter distances for produce to travel from the soil to the plate. This cuts down on pollution and gives growers the power to feed themselves and their communities.

So, if you’re growing in pots or on 5 acres, we stand behind you and want to support you every step of the way. Join our Million Urban Farmers movement today! Tag us in social media and show us how proud you are to be an Urban Farmer.