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Plant Swiss chard seed in your veggie and ornamental garden! Swiss chard is beautiful, colorful, and so easy to grow! A relative of the beet family, Swiss chard (or simply known as chard), this dark leafy green is used in a wide array of cuisines and is part of a healthy diet.  Also known as silverbeet, perpetual spinach, beet spinach, and seakale beet, Swiss chard is loaded with nutrition and is so easy to grow! As a great source of fiber, vitamin A, K, and C, Swiss chard makes its way into many recipes in our kitchen, including our famous cast iron skillet pizza. Sautéed, Swiss chard is similar to spinach and can be used as a replacement in many recipes. Swiss chard is also delicious to eat raw in salads or used as a wrap—plant Swiss chard seeds in the cool season where plants can enjoy ample moisture and cooler temperatures. In areas with frost, chard can be directly sowed in the ground after the threat of frost has passed. In Zones 9 and 10, Swiss chard can easily become a perennial, growing for many seasons. Because Swiss chard is so beautiful, we recommend planting Swiss chard seeds not just for the veggie patch but also in containers, patio gardens, ornamental gardens, and food forests. Chard is easy to grow, colorful, and a great addition to many recipes. Swiss chard looks particularly beautiful alongside flowers such as nasturtium, alyssum, and other flowers that thrive in cool weather. Plant Swiss chard seed in your garden this season and learn why it is called perpetual spinach!  

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