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Grow your own food with the help of San Diego Seed Company


One outcome of Covid-19 is that many, many people started a garden and want to learn how to grow. How do you start off the right way? We have five great resources for you!

  1. Our periodic, live, Beginner Gardener Online Class for Zones 9 & 10 via Zoom and our in-person classes at our farm and in the community are great ways to learn from our founder Brijette Peña.

  2. See the Calendar of Classes

  3. Our online courses Grow Your Own Food and Seed Starting Academy are affordable and convenient ways to learn how to grow. Gardening isn’t a hard as most think, and Brijette de-mystifies growing your own crops at home.
  4. Our Gardening Quick Start Guide, which features the who, what, when, where and how of growing your own healthy, organic food.
  5. Our Garden Wisdom Blog is full of helpful articles that will support you wherever you are in your gardening journey. You'll find articles on topics like how to start seeds indoors, how to keep animals out of the garden, direct seeding for success, and growing vegetables in pots, just to name a few.

Your Instructor

In 2010, Brijette Peña took an oath to produce organic, regionally adapted seeds that gardeners, farmers and market growers could depend on. She not only produces organic heirloom varieties well adapted for the Southern California growers but she also facilitates and promotes ethical seed production aimed at providing growers the best varieties for their success.



Our Calendar

Here are our currently scheduled classes. Please check back often. This calendar is updated as we schedule new classes.

What people are saying

The garden group at the Skyline Hills Library just had Brijette back for another presentation, this one on Cold Season Gardening. She is so informative and engaging with her audience! She’s knowledgeable about all aspects, and can get technical, or talk basics. She and SDSC are jewels in San Diego gardening community!
Kim Laru

I love this company! I took a class in seed saving last weekend and the owner’s presentation was full of information and her enthusiasm for growing plants and saving seeds was infectious. I highly recommend attending a class (or watching the video she made on this page) and buying the locally produced seeds. Since they are grown in San Diego, they are suitable for the SoCal climate but grow well elsewhere too (I have sent some to my Mother in New Hampshire!) There are now microgreen seeds as well!
Kristy Vogt Dolan

I’ve taken two of Brijette’s seed-starting workshops in addition to having her consult and I’m a MUCH more effective and productive vegetable gardener as a result. A little time with Brijette was worth several seasons of painful trial and error on my own, even though I have good resources like books from Pat Welsh. I also love the seeds from SDSC. They have a high germination rate and produce good veggies!
Christine Benton