Shop our organic seeds collection today. Choose from hundreds of varieties in our ever-increasing offering of the best seeds available, some of which you cannot find anywhere else! Our commitment is demonstrated by our hard work and dedication to increasing the availability of these seed varieties to gardeners, farmers, and growers across the United States. How are we increasing our organic seed collection? These seeds must be produced on a certified organic farm. We have two! When possible, we work with other organic producers to further increase the number of these varieties available to gardeners and farmers. These relationships are nurtured by a common love for organic and regenerative agriculture and its positive impact on the environment, communities, and growers. Why shop for organic seed? This type of seed production takes much more time to produce a viable crop than traditional plant or food production. For example, beet seeds can take up to 16 months to produce. You can imagine that if conventional chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers are being used, then conventional seed production can be even more harmful to the environment than conventional plant or food production. Additionally, our seeds are produced in an organic farming environment and therefore bred (directly and indirectly) to thrive in an organic garden or farm setting. Although we acknowledge that organic food and seed production is not perfect, it is progressing in the right direction as we work to protect and heal our planet from decades of conventional agriculture practices. 

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