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Looking for fun and new varieties to try? Join our Seed of The Month VIP Club! This exclusive VIP club gives growers the chance to try new, hand selected seed varieties each month.  These varieties are chosen for seasonal appropriateness, uniqueness and need for customer feedback. By joining this one of a kind program, you can get your hands on new varieties long before they hit the market and be part of our team of collaborators sharing your experience with these varieties.  

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Join our Seed of the Month VIP Club to receive hand-selected, unique, and new varieties only available in small batches through our Seed of the Month Club. By joining our Seed of the Month VIP Club, you get to enjoy the following perks:

  • Receive three varieties of unique, rare, and often unreleased varieties of seasonally appropriate seeds.
  • Be the first to trial new breeding material, rare seeds, and newly discovered varieties.
  • Get exclusive access to seed varieties not listed on the website, only available in very small quantities.
  • Participate in the selection of future SDSC catalog varieties with your valuable feedback.
  • Be the first invited to VIP events, farm tours, and more!
  • Enjoy the surprise of new seeds each month to add to your seed collection!

Participation in the Seed of the Month VIP Club is small due to the limited number of seed packs available; join now to take advantage of this program and be the first to try new and exciting varieties hand-chosen by SDSC.

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Product Details

Subscription Options

Monthly, Yearly

12 reviews for Seed of the Month VIP Club

  1. Brijette Peña

    A great way to get rare, unique seeds each month to always keep you planting in your Zone 10 garden! Works for Zone 9 too!

  2. Jon

    So excited for this!

  3. Caree (verified owner)

    We are so lucky to have SDSC taking care of our regionally adapted seeds. I am thrilled to participate in this important journey.

  4. mclanea

    This is just the thing I need to reignite my passion for starting seeds year-round. And a perfect excuse to build a greenhouse.

  5. Jennifer Parsell (verified owner)

    Super excited to be part of this!
    I need to start saving spots in the garden for these mystery seeds monthly:)

  6. Kelly

    Is there a wait list?

  7. Tammy Long (verified owner)

    I received my seeds, I am a little worried because I have problems with lettuce I would love to successfully get some lettuce so I am looking forward to this possibility. May need some input from you. Maybe if I shade it?

  8. Amy

    I don’t live in SoCal – I’m actually in Zone 7A, in Eastern Tennessee – but would love to be part of a program like this. Any chance of starting one that would work in other areas of the US?

  9. TKUrbanGarden

    Man, what an awesome idea. So sad we missed out on grabbing this! Looking forward to when it open ups again!

  10. Tammy Long (verified owner)

    Lettuces are in. Very excited about this. Put them in an area that has some shade. No bolting.

  11. Tammy Long (verified owner)

    This lettuce is already sprouted. I’m excited about this; the heat should not bolt it because I planted it in a cooler bed. I am amazed.

  12. Donna Cairns (verified owner)

    I LOVE this seed of the month club. It brings me such joy. I find myself looking forward to it every month. There has been a great variety in the types of seeds sent. They are often varieties that I never would have found if not for the club. Make sure you sign up to be notified when the club opens up again. It is absolutely worth the money.

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