Plant herb seed in your garden and on your farm to diversify the flavors you get to enjoy in your kitchen! Herb seeds can be a challenge to plant, but you can enjoy fresh herbs in your kitchen all year round with our expert instructions. Some herb seeds like lavender have a long and interesting history as an herb, medicine, and culinary spice. Lavender derives from the Latin word “Lavare,” meaning to wash. The Roman and Greek physicians understood lavender’s antiseptic qualities and used it to clean soldiers’ wounds. Lavender pouches were worn around the neck the “ward off evil” (microbes). Charles VI of France insisted on using lavender to help aid his sleep and slept with lavender in his pillow. Lavender was such a powerful herb that it was the plant that sparked the creation of aromatherapy sciences in the 1930s. Today lavender is a popular herb seed to plant for its profuse blooms and many uses in the kitchen and beyond. Other culinary herbs like parsley, dill, fennel, and cilantro are favorite plants of pollinators and beneficial insects. By planting herb seeds in your garden and allowing the plant to flower, you will attract a myriad of beneficial insects and butterflies to your garden or farm, which can help with pest issues, pollination issues, and more! So, not only are these herbs tasty in many dishes, but they are also an important part of a robust garden ecosystem. Plant herb seed today in your garden and see how it can transform your recipes and your garden into something diverse and delicious!

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