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Fully Loaded Fertilizer Bundle


Neptune's Harvest Organic Fish Fertilizer 2-4-1

Neptune's Harvest Organic Fish Fertilizer 2-4-1 is a high-quality organic fertilizer for your garden. Use on houseplants, garden vegetables, flowers, fruit trees, trees, and grass.

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Darn Good Fertilizer

Darn Good Fertilizer is an organic, all-natural fertilizer for your garden. Best used when transplanting seedlings, prepping beds or containers, and for long-term fertility needs.

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Dr. Earth Vegetable and Herb Plant Fertilizer

Dr. Earth Vegetable and Herb Plant Fertilizer is a concentrated liquid fertilizer that is 100% organic, natural, and free of synthetic ingredients. Squirt one pump, and you are done! Use it in your vegetable, herb, and flower garden in any season.

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Great Big Tomatoes Compost Tea

Are you dreaming of great big tomatoes? We are here to help! Our Great Big Tomato Compost Tea is the boost your tomatoes need to jump-start their biological activity in the soil and create the healthy, thriving soil that tomatoes need to be super prolific.

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Heat Tolerant Greens Collection

Heat Tolerant Greens Collection


Organic Ethiopian Kale Seeds

Similar to kale, this green is a garden rock star! It's mildly flavored, versatile, and thrives in Southern California gardens. Ethiopian kale is a must in your garden!

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Great Lakes Lettuce Seeds

Great Lakes lettuce seed produces crisp, sweet, and crunchy iceberg lettuce heads that are NOTHING like those from the store. Honestly, most people say iceberg has no flavor, but not when they are eating this variety. It's our favorite iceberg lettuce, grows well into the warmer months of the spring and can be planted early in the warm months of the fall.


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Black Magic Kale Seeds

Black Magic Kale seed produces kale similar to Lacinato kale, but its flavor is one of the mildest kales we've ever had on the farm! Black Magic kale continued well into the summer on our trial farm without becoming bitter. This variety is impressive for its long-lasting productivity, flavor, and resistance to pests and disease"”a fantastic variety all-around.

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Organic Jericho Lettuce Seeds

Jericho romaine lettuce was bred in Israel resulting in amazing qualities that are great for Southern California growers. Jericho romaine lettuce is heat tolerant, easy to grow, and does well in our hot falls and winters.

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Parris Island Cos Romaine Lettuce Seeds

This heirloom variety of romaine lettuce has strong attributes suitable for both commercial growing and backyard gardening. Enjoy perfectly shaped romaine leaves with crisp, juicy flavor!

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Organic Pest Management

Organic Garden Pest Management Kit


Organic Insect Killing Soap

Insect Killing Soap with Seaweed Extract by Safer® Brand is an organic gardening pest control formula safe for use on your edible crops. Kills on contact.

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Organic Sluggo® Plus

Sluggo® Plus protects seedlings and other vulnerable plants from insect, slug, and snail damage. Use outdoors or in the greenhouse.

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Organic BT Thuricide Spray

Organic BT Thuricide Spray by Bonide is a pest control formula safe for edible fruits and vegetables, shade trees, and ornamental plants. Spray directly on your plants to eliminate these unwanted leaf-eating worms and insects from feeding on and damaging your plants.

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pollinator Collection

Pollinator Collection


Arroyo Lupine Seeds

Arroyo Lupine seeds produce plants with spectacular purple and blue flower spikes. Lupine is native to Southern California and is a must-have for native and meadow gardens. This variety of lupine is drought tolerant and fuss-free. 

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Common Milkweed Seeds

This monarch butterfly attractor grows well in any part of the garden but is best grown on your garden's perimeter or even in neglected areas. It is perfect for butterfly or meadow gardens.

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Borage Seeds

Borage is a beautiful flowering plant with a wide range of uses. Borage flowers and leaves are edible, the bees love the plant, and it can grow in most microclimates of Southern California. If you are not growing borage in your garden, you are missing out!

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Dwarf Red Coneflower Seeds

Dwarf Red Coneflower is a hardy, drought-tolerant wildflower. Sometimes called the Mexican Hat flower, this beautiful red flower is loved by birds and pollinators.

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California Yellow Poppy Seeds

This beautiful California poppy has stunning golden yellow flowers that bloom during the cooler season. 'Golden West' California poppy is a favorite of honey bees and wild bees!

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Scarlet Sage Seeds

This long lived perennial grows 2-3' tall with stunning scarlet flowers that bloom from springtime to fall. This easy-to-care-for plant attracts butterflies, hummingbirds, and beneficial insects. Plant in the spring for easiest plant establishment.

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Blue Sage Seeds

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Bachelor Button Seeds

Bachelor Button is a classic and easy to grow wildflower with beautiful periwinkle blooms. Great cut or dried. Pollinators love them too! Also known as cornflower, these drought-tolerant flowers prefer to bloom in the cool of spring.

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Urban Farmer Pickling Kit


Organic National Pickling Cucumber Seeds

This cucumber is grown for pickle lovers with high yield and early fruits. Dark green fruit can be picked from small to the largest at 5"-6" inches. Resistant to scab and cucumber mosaic virus.

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Organic Muncher Cucumber Seeds

This Muncher cucumber variety produces loads of small cucumbers that can be eaten fresh or pickled. A perfect snacking cucumber that is not likely to even make it to the kitchen!

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Pickling Spice Gourmet Spice Blend

This Pickling Spice Gourmet Spice Blend is locally made and hand-mixed to take your pickles to the next level of deliciousness!

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Refrigerator Pickle Gourmet Spice Blend

Refrigerator Pickle Gourmet Spice Blend is a tasty and dependable spice blend for when you're harvesting cucumbers faster than you can eat them!

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