8 Gifts for Gardeners That They Will Actually Use

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Gifts for gardeners — that they will actually use — makes shopping meaningful, impactful, and fun! In today’s world of excess, it should be more appropriate to gift items that people need and will use. Gifts for gardeners should include items like valuable tools, season-extending fabrics, educational resources, and of course, seeds! So, if you have gardeners in your life, we have many unique and valuable gifts that can help them grow a bountiful and healthy garden.

Check out our list of 8 awesome gifts for gardeners that they will actually use!

1. Growing Calendar

If your favorite gardener grows in Zones 9 and 10, they will benefit from our Urban Farmers’ Calendar. Without a doubt, this calendar gives growers everything they need to know to grow a bountiful garden. With month-by-month instructions, this gift for gardeners will prove to be useful long after the gift-giving season is gone!

2. Tomato Growing Tools

Most gardeners love growing tomatoes, and we have all the tools and unique tomato varieties growers love! Firstly, for those growing indeterminate tomatoes, our Tomahooks make any novice gardener grow like a professional. These commercial grade hooks allow growers to create an easy-to-use trellising system for making the most of small growing spaces. In addition, great companion tools to Tomahooks are our easy-to-use compostable plant clips. These clips are easy to use, reuse and compost when they are no longer needed. No more plastic waste! Professional quality clips do not damage tomato plants and are strong enough to hold heavy loads of tomatoes. Of course, tomatoes grow best when given regular and consistent watering. Irrigation can make that happen! Finally, with our Drip Irrigation Kit and Irrigation Timer, gardeners can quickly and easily install irrigation that will help them water precisely and consistently. It helps lower water bills too!

3. Crop Protection

Overlooked gifts for gardeners are tools that can help growers protect their precious crops from critters, excess heat, and insects. Our row cover is excellent for safeguarding seedlings and small plants, while our shade cloth can help growers protect whole areas of the garden from excessive heat and wilting. On our farm, both of these products are indispensable!

4. Rare Seeds

Gifts for gardeners can be fun for the giver and receiver. For example, our collection of rare seeds allows gardeners to grow and enjoy unique varieties of vegetables and flowers that they can only find with us. If the giver is lucky, maybe the gardener will share the bounty. Then you can enjoy the flavor explosion of our Peruvian Ground Cherry, the intense heat and beauty of our Black Pearl Pepper, or the delicious umami flavor of our Ethiopian Kale.

5. Gifts that support small farmers and independent breeders

New varieties do not make themselves, and here at San Diego Seed Company, we take pride in supporting the small-scale breeders that work to bring us new and interesting varieties. Purchasing these varieties helps support the work these breeders are doing to create regionally adapted and delicious varieties for us to enjoy. So shop our one of a kind varieties like OS Blues Bush BeanSteve’s Tender Early BroccoliFestivity Sweet CornWho Gets Kissed Sweet CornBrandywine Cherry TomatoBrandywine Saladette TomatoSoCal Brandywine TomatoGoldie TomatoGranny’s Choice TomatoMagic Bullet TomatoPineapple Rose Tomato, and Sweet Chocolate Tomato. You can feel good knowing that each purchase helps support independent breeders along with our breeding work at San Diego Seed Co. to bring you new varieties like the Mark it, 8 Dude Cucumber.

6. Veggie Seeds for Pickling and Fermenting

Purchasing seed together with the intent of making delicious food is a great gift for gardeners. A tried-and-true recipe and other supplies needed for fermentation or pickling will make this a treasured gift! We carry several varieties that can be pickled or fermented. Ideas include BeetsCabbageCarrotsCauliflowerCucumbersFennelGarlicGreen BeansKohlrabiOkraOnionsHot Peppers, and Radishes.

7. Flower Seed Collection

Give the gift of a blooming garden with flowers such as our beautiful collection of sunflowers. You can choose from our wide assortment, including the adorable Dwarf Sungold, exquisite Chocolate Cherry, and towering Skyscraper. All have in common their ability to spread joy! Shop all sunflowers seeds here.

If sunflowers are not your flower of choice, shop our wide range of flower varieties to find something your gardener will love! Shop all flowers here.

8. Gear

Show your support for San Diego Seed Company with our hilarious and quality gear! Shop our shirts, hoodies, and tanks tops.

From all of us at San Diego Seed Company, we wish you a happy, healthy holiday season!

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