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Compostable plant clips will reduce plastic waste in your garden and make taking down a crop so easy! Made from Non-GMO corn.

Product Information

Compostable plant clips will reduce plastic waste in your garden and make taking down a crop so easy! Made from Non-GMO corn.

Sold in packs of 20.

Compostable plant clips make it easy to support crops! These indispensable clips are standard in commercial greenhouses, and we are thrilled to make them available for you!

You can use compostable plant clips in any growing situation to shape and support plants as they grow vertically or keep crops like tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers from collapsing under the weight of their heavy fruit. There are many possibilities for use in the garden.

We use garden compostable plant clips on the farm with the “low and lean” method of growing. This trellising method allows you to string up vining crops like indeterminate tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, and beans. It saves you time and labor while enabling you to grow tons of produce utilizing vertical space.

Our durable, breathable, compostable clips open for unrestricted stem growth up to 3/4 inches in diameter. A quick-release feature allows you to move around and reuse clips for multiple seasons.

You will need a trellis structure, tomahooks, string, and compostable plant clips to use a vertical string trellising system like the low and lean method. Attach clips to your plants for support when they are about 1′ tall. Clips are hinged and have small teeth so they can attach to your string before being fastened around your plant. Reposition or add additional clips as needed as your crop grows. Clips can be reused season after season. Simply squeeze the fastener so that the clip can be opened and closed. For more helpful information on creating a structure for growing your tomatoes, check out our DIY Tomato Trellis Systems article.

Tomahooks and string sold separately. We recommend using polypropylene garden twine or heavy-duty jute twine. Tomahooks pre-loaded with string are available for purchase here.

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1 review for Compostable Plant Clips

  1. Anthony Rock (verified owner)

    I wouldn’t suggest buying these. I grabbed some thinking they would actually be a good compostable solution for using tomato clips with the lean and lower method, but about half of them broke just on the initial close when securing with a tomahawk pre-loaded with string from this site ( A few days later we had good rain and easily half of the ones that did initially clamp had broken. Not sure what caused the few that initially worked to break but it was the sun in the few days before the rain, the rain itself, or just the string eventually stretching the plastic holding the clamp together. Wouldn’t buy again.

    • Brijette Peña

      Anthony- We are so sorry you experienced that with the compostable clips. Sadly, you are not the only one! We have discontinued them. We have new clips coming (not compostable) but we would love to get you some. Can we send some your way?

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