Tomahook Loaded with 40 Feet of String


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Tomahooks make growing in small spaces more tidy and productive. Use Tomahooks and get the most out of your space! These Tomahooks come loaded with 40 feet of polypropylene tomato twine.

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Get your Tomahooks loaded with the strongest UV-resistant polypropylene tomato twine!

Tomahooks make growing in small spaces even more tidy and productive. By using this system, you can utilize the “low and lean” method of growing. This method allows you to string up vining crops like indeterminate tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, and beans. By stringing crops up and lowering them down after harvesting your produce, you can grow tons of produce utilizing vertical space. The low and lean method also helps with airflow, crowding, and pest control. Do not overlook this commercial greenhouse method! It’s a fantastic solution for urban farmers and backyard growers growing in limited space.

These Tomahooks come pre-loaded with approximately 40 feet of polypropylene tomato twine. This twine is UV-resistant and ultra-strong for outdoor use.

Product Details

Size: 9″

String Length: Approx: 40 feet

Sold Individually

Garden plant clips sold separately. 


How to use:

Tomahooks are best to use when they have a structure on which to attach. We built a simple and inexpensive trellis on our farm using T-posts and 1/2″ electrical conduit, creating a structure for attaching the Tomahooks. You can use zip ties to allow the Tomahooks to move.

Here is our friend Josh, explaining the trellis system we love. You can use this trellis system with any crop that needs a trellis—particularly vining crops like indeterminate tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, and beans.

While your crop grows up the string, trim away dead leaves to keep the area tidy, allowing for better disease and pest management. As the plant produces, harvest the fruits, unwind the Tomahook to allow for more slack, and lower the plant.

See how we use the low and lean method to trellis tomatoes and more on our farm.

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