Growing Vegetables in Southern California

Growing vegetables in Southern California can be challenging. Depending on your location, the winter could be mild and dry or wet and cold and your summer could be dry and hot or a constant 70 degrees. Our weather in this wonderful region is highly unpredictable. The characterizations of Southern California’s weather can be widespread and extreme.

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Climate Zones of San Diego County

An area of localized atmospheric, geographic and geologic conditions that cause the weather in that particular area to differ from the greater surrounding area. For example, the temperature in Ocean Beach, a coastal town inside the city limits of San Diego is consistently lower than that of the temperature in North Park, two communities that are less than 5 miles away from each other. That being said, a variety of tomatoes that thrive in high heat will not do well in Ocean Beach.

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Mastering Growing Vegetables in Southern California: Important obstacles to overcome.

One of the awesome things about growing vegetables in Southern California is that SoCal has amazing weather that can support year-round food production. Less less can be said about our soil. In many areas, soil mostly consists of clay, sand and sodium chloride and easily becomes rock-hard, bare and void of nutrients if not constantly maintained.

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