How to Grow Celery from Seed

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How to Grow Celery from Seed

Growing celery from seed is a rewarding experience because once you know how to grow celery from seed, you have access to hundreds of celery varieties that you can only find in seed form. From pungent heirloom varieties to quick-growing hybrids, planting from celery seed will allow you to explore the unknown flavors and textures of this crop. Celery comes in one variety for most people: the tasteless, stringy celery found on grocery store shelves. For the in-the-know grower, there are so many more kinds of celery out there to try!

Growing a Healthy Celery Plant from Seed

When considering how to grow celery from seed, you should keep a few things in mind. Although the plant is very easy to grow and has almost no fuss, its seed can be challenging to grow if inexperienced. It is important to remember a few key requirements when planting celery seeds.

Celery Seed is Very Small

Celery seed is small, and, like other small-seeded crops (carrots), you can easily make the mistake of planting it too deeply into the soil. The seed should only be planted 1/8″ deep into finely worked soil or a high-quality seed starting mix. If you are direct sowing your celery seed, we recommend that you cover the seeds with finely sifted potting mix or soil, even when planting directly in the ground. This will ensure that your celery seed can easily pop up through the soil.

Celery Seed

Planting Celery Seed

Growing celery from seed requires that you plant your celery seed in a location where you can ensure a consistent supply of moisture for the best flavor and yield. If you are planting directly into the garden in Zones 9 and 10, the best time to plant celery is in the late fall through the early spring. Our temperatures are the coolest during this time of year, and we receive some seasonal rains. If you love celery and want to grow it year-round, plant celery seed in a container that you can move to a cool place in your garden during the warmer months. If you are planting celery outside of Zones 9 and 10, you can plant celery in starter pots 10-12 weeks before the last frost and plant out when the threat of frost is gone. Use row cover to protect your plants from cold temperatures.

Use celery seed for more than just cooking!

If you let your celery plant go to seed, you will be rewarded with a wide range of beneficial insects who love to visit the plant! In addition, you will get celery seed, which you can save for replanting or use as a versatile herb in the kitchen. We use celery seed raw in our soups, salads, and BBQ rubs! It’s pungent, delicious, and has a wide range of applications. One of the best ways to use celery seed is to line your shot glass with celery salt, a mix of crushed celery seed and salt. It pairs perfectly with a nice shot of tequila!

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