Growing Mustard Greens

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Growing mustard greens is super easy; they are prolific and so tasty! Mustard greens can be grown easily in pots, on a patio, and just about anywhere. These easy-to-grow greens are nutritionally dense and a staple in our garden.

When growing mustard greens, you should know a few things to make growing them easier and eating them more palatable. Mustard greens can have a very strong flavor, so learning how to cook them will allow you to utilize these greens in many recipes.

Growing Purple Mustard Greens

How to Grow Mustard Greens

When looking at the pack of mustard green seeds and thinking about how you will grow them, remember that mustard greens, unlike most greens, can handle a bit of heat. They grow well into the late days of spring and can even extend through the summer in milder areas. To allow for an extended growing season, always add tons of compost to your soil, mulch heavily, water deeply, and use shade cloth. Mustard greens are quite easy to start from seeds; you can begin them in starter pots or easily direct sow them in well-worked soil. Watch our video here on how to direct sow your seeds successfully.

When to Grow Mustard Greens

Mustard greens can be grown almost year-round in Zones 9 and 10, except for the hottest and driest months of the year. In other zones, you will want to plant out mustard greens when the threat of frost is gone.

Tips for Growing Mustard Green Successfully

Once you have successfully direct sown or started your seeds in trays and planted them out, you need to let them grow happily without heat or water stress. Like any green, mustard greens need ample moisture to prevent them from wilting too often. If growing in a very warm, dry climate, consider putting up shade cloth to protect your crops. Shade cloth is our secret weapon when growing any tender leafy green in warmer weather. Mulch heavily around your plants to reduce soil temperature and evaporation.

Make Kimchi with mustard greens

Cooking with Mustard Greens

Mustard greens have a strong flavor that can be a little off-putting if eaten raw. Interestingly, mustard greens will increase in nutritional value when cooked. Mustard greens are easy to steam or stir-fry and can even be pickled. We love making kimchi with mustard greens.

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