Winter Crops for Southern California

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Winter Crops for Southern California

Winter can be one of the most pleasurable times to garden in Zones 9 and 10. Even though some significant changes happen in the winter garden, you still can produce tons of yummy food and beautiful flowers for your family to enjoy. Here are some things to know about winter gardening, and some of the best crops for Southern California.

Seed Starting Winter Crops for Southern California

If you are starting seeds in the winter to plant in your winter garden, keep in mind that low temperatures could require you to start your seeds in the warmth of the indoors. Depending on temperatures in your area, you may need to start on a windowsill or in a greenhouse. In Zone 10, we start our seeds in the greenhouse from November until summer.

Growing Winter Crops for Southern California

Winter gardening in Zones 9 and 10 is very enjoyable. The hot weather has passed, days are cooler, and we will have gotten some rain if we are lucky. These conditions are great for growing crops like lettuce, brassicas, root crops, and other leafy greens. Some green kales and cabbages even taste better after cold weather!

kale winter crop

Winter Vegetable Crops for Southern California

These plants are collectively called Cool Season Crops

Winter Flower Crops to Grow in Zones 9 and 10
Growing Winter Flower Crops for Southern California

Growing flowers in your winter garden is easy because of the cool weather and seasonal rain. Flowers like borage, sweet peas, flax, and nasturtium pop up with ease from direct seeding in cool, moist soil. Scabiosa flowers, poppies, and cosmos are easily started in pots and transplanted out into cool, moist soil.


Succession Plant for a Productive Garden

When you are growing winter crops, you will want to succession plant your cool-season crops. As spring draws near and the days grow longer, you will have several rounds of crops at different stages of growth. Succession planting allows you to have a constant harvest of flowers and veggies spread throughout the season.


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