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Shop rare seeds on our website today and choose from hundreds of unique, exclusive, and hard-to-find seeds! Looking for something new to try in the garden or on the farm this year? Shop our rare seeds collection to find varieties just released by small-scale breeders, backyard seed saving enthusiasts, and professional seed breeders. These include brand new varieties created by traditional breeding methods and very old heirloom varieties discovered by us and brought back to life by diligent seed saving and seed stock increases. Included in our selection of these rare seeds are varieties gifted to us with reverence from farmers, friends, travelers, group leaders, and chefs. These varieties held special meaning to these people for a reason and were gifted to us to ensure their survival and proliferation. What makes a rare seed? These are varieties that are not commercially available, not produced on a large scale, and are at risk of becoming extinct if the varieties are not produced and the seed saved. It can take us years to increase the seed stock of the varieties of seeds that have been gifted to us. Crop losses and unforeseen circumstances can further hinder the production of these seeds. Suppose you are curious about where our rare seeds originated. In that case, you can find information in the product section explaining where the seed was sourced and why we decided to produce it. Some rare seeds are so unique that little information is available about them. We hope that our hard work and dedication to producing and preserving unique varieties of seed is a benefit that you enjoy in the garden. Take the time to grow a rare seed variety and discover the diversity in flavor, color, and texture that awaits you.

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