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Heirloom seed is a vital part of who we are as a seed company. The very act of saving heirloom seeds and sharing them with friends, neighbors, and the community is what began our journey as a company. More than a decade ago, we became obsessed with the beauty and intelligence of mother nature and her ability to create and spread seeds throughout nature. We began researching, reading, and learning more about the possible extinction of heirloom seed varieties and knew we had to help. So, we started growing, saving, and sharing seeds with gardeners and growers across our communities and beyond. The ability to quickly grow, save and share heirloom seeds is still at the heart of our company more than a decade later. With more than 300 heirloom seeds in our collection and growing, we carry with these seeds the stories of their origin, flavor profiles, and usefulness in today's kitchen or garden. You can shop our wide range of heirloom seeds on our website, from arugula to zinnias, and find out what unique colors, textures, and flavors are missing from the produce aisle of your local grocery store. Each variety is trialed, tested, and reviewed to ensure that only the best of the best make it into our collection and your garden! Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media to be in the loop anytime we add a new and exciting heirloom product to our website. You don't want to miss out on our tasty vegetable varieties and beautiful flower seeds.  

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