Benefits of Pelleted Seed

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Have you ever tried planting tiny seeds only to find they had washed away when you watered them? Have you ever overprinted and had the tedious job of thinning out? This is where the benefits of pelleted seeds come into play.

We all know how painful it is to pull out perfectly beautiful carrot seedlings from the garden; thinning is a hard-to-learn discipline! Too often, we lose our precious seeds because they get washed away or wasted in the planting process, especially small-seeded crops that are difficult to handle.

The Solution: Pelleted Seeds

Pelleted seeds are seeds coated in organic clay, making them easier to handle, plant, and space correctly and almost completely eliminating the need for thinning. As a result, you waste less seed and save time! The clay also acts as a tiny moisture insulator, keeping the seed from drying out for a bit longer.

The Benefits of Using Pelleted Seeds

Pelleted seeds allow the gardener to handle the seeds easily and plant them at the correct spacing. For crops like carrots, which often require tons of time spent thinning, using pelleted seeds also allows for easier handling of the seeds. If you are planting seeds with kiddos in the garden, it is advantageous to plant seeds that they can handle easily. You will waste fewer seeds!

Child holding harvested carrots

Pelleted seeds are not treated seeds.

Pelleted seeds are coated with organic clay — that’s it. Pelleted seeds have their own benefits, but are not the same as treated seeds, which are coated with fungicides or other products to help protect them from bacteria naturally found in the soil and which can kill seedlings. Pelleted seed allows gardeners and farmers to use less seed, plant at the correct spacing, and increase the success rate for new gardeners unfamiliar with planting small-seeded crops.

Advantages of Using Pelleted Seed
  • Larger seeds are easier to see and handle
  • Less wasted seed
  • Seeds don’t wash away
  • Allows for correct spacing
  • Eliminate thinning altogether!
  • Clay coating preserves moisture
  • Works better with seeding tools
  • Great for kids!
Try these pelleted seeds today, and reap the benefits!
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