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The Macabee Gopher Trap is our most reliable tool for getting rid of gophers on the farm. Simple, safe, and effective for over 100 years, earning the title "Old Reliable."

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The Macabee Gopher Trap is our most reliable tool for trapping gophers on the farm—aside from our cats! We have used them all and always come back to this dependable and easy-to-use trap. They do not break, can be used for years, and are the best for catching the small gophers we have here in the southern states.

Pocket gophers, despite their small size, can cause an enormous amount of damage. How do you know if you have gophers? A tell-tale sign of gopher activity is mounds of freshly loosened dirt in your lawn and garden. These burrowing rodents spend most of their lives underground, digging and tunneling as they search out food, namely, garden crops and other vegetation. Although most destruction occurs at the root level, gophers are known to pull entire plants into their tunnels. They destroy crops, irrigation systems, and more.

Left unchecked, gophers will conquer your garden, so you must stay on top of them.

For over 100 years, the Macabee Gopher Trap has been an essential tool for keeping gophers under control. Its simple and safe design is ideal for backyard growers and large-scale farmers alike. The Macabee Gopher Trap kills gophers without the use of poisons or additional bait. It is a spring-action snap trap that you can use over and over.

Watch the video below or visit the step-by-step guide to learn How to Set a Macabee Gopher Trap.


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  1. Paul

    I have had luck with these only when I used 2 and placed in the tunnel in both directions. You sometimes have to create a larger width in the tunnel to fit the trap. I use a small piece of plywood over where I have dug to seal the hole from light. Often they will smell the trap and bury it with soil. these rodents are not stupid. It is best to get on the trapping as soon as you see them as they can wreak long term damage to your fruit trees. Been there; dealing with that.

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