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Worm tea bags contain 100% worm castings for a quick and easy way to boost beneficial bacteria and increase soil microbiology.

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Worm Tea Bags are a quick and easy way to give your soil beneficial bacteria and increase the microbiology of the soil. By simply inoculating the soil with these strains of beneficial bacteria and nutrients, you can create healthier soil with the following benefits: 

  • Improves moisture retention 
  • Adds essential enzymes and bacteria to the soil 
  • Creates and accelerates microbiology of the soil helping to release more nutrients for plants 
  • Good bacteria help to outcompete harmful bacteria 
  • Acts as a bio-fertilizer  
  • Accelerates the breakdown of organic matter in your soil to make it bioavailable to your plants 

Every good gardener or farmer knows that good soil produces the best-tasting and most vigorous plants. Increasing the organic matter and feeding the soil ecology will increase the organisms that store and release the nutrients your garden needs to thrive. Think of it like stocking your garden’s “food pantry.” By producing a garden where microorganisms can thrive, they will, in turn, synthesize nutrients, making them bioavailable to your plants. Using worm tea bags speeds up the natural cycle of microorganisms growing and expanding in your soil, giving your soil better structure, feel, soil retention, and nutrients.  

How do you use Worm Tea Bags? 

Worm tea bags are used to make worm tea that you can apply liberally on and around your plants. 

Package Contents:  

  • 100% Worm Castings 
  • Each package contains one 16oz (about 453.59 g) compostable tea bag, which makes up to 20 gallons of worm tea.  

Application recommendations: 

  • Use worm tea as a foliar spray on crops at the beginning of the season for an extra boost of beneficial bacteria. 
  • Use as a soil drench to inoculate the soil you will be planting in 
  • Use as an additive to your regular water schedule 

Worm tea can help to manage fungal diseases, increase nutrient uptake and create healthier soil. Additional benefits are: 

  • Odorless 
  • Chemical-free organic amendment 
  • Worm tea is safe in gardens with small children 
  • Worm tea will never burn your plants 
  • Worm tea never expires 
  • Safe for pollinators 
  • Improves soil aeration and moisture retention capacity 
  • Adds enzymes like phosphatase and cellulase 
  • Increases valuable microbiological activity 
  • Increases germination of seeds 
  • Increases plant hormones like auxin and gibberellic acid 
  • Can be used on all growing plants 


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