Squash, Straito d’Italia Zucchini


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Squash – Striata d’Italia – this very productive fruit that produces early.  Light green in color and tender to touch.  This centuries old heirloom is a pantry essential.

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Squash – Straito d’Italia Zucchini 

Cucurbita pepo

This is a very productive fruit that can produce early in the season and continue into fall. Light green in color with striations and tender to the touch.  This centuries-old Italian heirloom is a pantry essential – always a hit at thanksgiving dinner as a table centerpiece or cooked in a favorite dish.

Suggested Planting Requirements:  Squash need deep mounds of organic matter, rich soil, and heavy, consistent watering.  All squash are extremely frost sensitive, so use plastic mulches to heat soils in early spring and row covers to protect from frost at both ends of the growing cycle, especially in short growing seasons.  Avoid overhead watering to prevent powdery mildew. Melody Mix can be planted in 20” container if space is limited.

Growing Recommendations:  Start seeds indoors 3-4 weeks before the last frost, or sow seed directly once soils are at least 70°F.  Row covers can be utilized for a pest barrier as birdies and bunnies love munching on squash.  As with most cucurbits, mounding provides an optimal growing area.

Harvesting & Storage:  Harvest when 4″-7″ to keep production high, and for best flavor.  Fruit may be stored for several months.


Soil Temperature:75-95°F
Planting Depth:1″
Days to Germination:7-14
Days to Maturity:65-70+
Height at Maturity:1’
Lighting Requirements:Full Sun









Package Weight: 2 gram

Approximate seed count per packet: 18 seeds 

Sows about 10′ Row (This takes into account thinning)

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2 reviews for Squash, Straito d’Italia Zucchini

  1. Lorinda Peterson ([email protected])

    I have been growing this for 3 seasons now. It’s an amazing, beautiful, and delicious zucchini squash. Stays tender even when too big. I entered this zucchini in the OC Fair 2019 and it won 3rd Place! I’ve had NO issues with pests on it or even powdery mildew. If you grow this you will not be disappointed. Did I mention it’s delicious! ?

  2. Anne F

    Excellent germinitation from my packet of seeds that is 3 years old. (I put them away in a “safe” place and only unearthed them now . . .) Plants have yet to produce fruit, but they’re growing strongly with very little help from me.

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