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Dwarf Sungold Sunflower Seeds


Dwarf Sungold Sunflower seeds produce adorable short sunflowers with the softest unique flowers. Unlike normal sunflowers, these fully petaled heads are so fun and unique! Great for children's gardens and as border plants.

Dwarf Sungold Sunflower Seeds2021-03-03T16:03:54-08:00

Organic Skyscraper Sunflower Seeds


Skyscraper Sunflower is one of the tallest sunflowers on the market! Easily reaching 10 feet into the air, they make for wonderful flowers on the north side of your garden. Plant these and marvel at their height and beauty!

Organic Skyscraper Sunflower Seeds2021-03-03T16:03:54-08:00

Organic Titan Sunflower Seeds


Sunflowers are a must on the farm or in the garden! Titan sunflowers have been given this name because of their colossal size and incredibly thick trunks. This plant can grow into giant specimens of 10' or more with stocks more than 4 inches thick! They are great for producing sunflower seeds. Beneficial insects love

Organic Titan Sunflower Seeds2021-02-08T15:45:10-08:00

Autumn Beauty Sunflower Seeds


Autumn Beauty is an annual sunflower with gorgeous flower heads of striped yellow, deep orange, and red coloration. A beautiful sunflower unlike any other! These long-stemmed plants with multiple blooms are perfect for cut flowers.

Autumn Beauty Sunflower Seeds2021-02-08T15:57:09-08:00

Lemon Sunflower Seeds


Lemon Sunflower seeds produce loads of blooms on this multi branching sunflower. The lemony yellow flowers are bright and guaranteed to make you smile! They are great for cut flowers and can last several days in freshwater. These sunflowers can grow up to eight feet.

Lemon Sunflower Seeds2021-02-02T12:18:56-08:00

Sunflower Mix


Can't decide which sunflower to grow? Get them all! This Sunflower Mix has several varieties of sunflowers perfect for wildflower gardens. In this mix, you can find velvet queen, Russian mammoth, sunspot, and several other colorful varieties.

Sunflower Mix2021-02-02T12:18:57-08:00

Sunspot Sunflower Seeds


Sunspot is a dwarf sunflower with medium-sized, yellow flowers on 2' tall single stalked stems. Sunspot sunflowers reach maturity about 20 days earlier than taller varieties. They are great for container gardening and cut flowers. Their edible seeds are quite delicious too!

Sunspot Sunflower Seeds2021-02-08T15:49:04-08:00