Sulphur Dwarf Mix Cosmos Seeds

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cosmos, dwarf sulphur

Sulphur cosmos bring cheer to your garden with semi-double blooms in yellow, orange, and gold. This dwarf variety attracts pollinators. It is non-fussy, loves hot, dry climates, and tolerates poor soil.

Candy Stripe Cosmos Seeds

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This beautiful flower is a must-have on our farm! A classic flower garden favorite. Cosmos are fuss-free flowers and can grow in poor soil conditions. Great for attracting pollinators! Broadcast cosmos seeds in the garden freely or transplant. Plants can get large and wild; prune for a neat garden look.

Organic Spookie Pumpkin Seeds

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Spookie pumpkin is a delightful cross between sugar pie and jack-o-lantern pumpkins. Grow Spookie pumpkin for a splendid treat, without any tricks—great for decoration and seasonal baking!

Dwarf Red Coneflower Seeds

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Dwarf Red Coneflower is a hardy, drought-tolerant wildflower. Sometimes called the Mexican Hat flower, this beautiful red flower is loved by birds and pollinators.

Scarlet Flax Seeds

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scarlet Flax

Scarlet Flax seeds produce masses of 1-inch crimson red flowers that bloom prolifically from mid-summer through fall. Plants go from seed to flower in just 55 days! Hardy and drought-tolerant, Scarlet Flax can tolerate heat, poor soil, and partial shade.

Chocolate Cherry Sunflower Seeds

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Chocolate Cherry is a stunning annual sunflower. Feast your eyes on rich, velvety brownish-burgundy petals surrounding a dark chocolate center. Perfect for cut flowers!

Pollinator Plants

Pollinator bee on flower

Growing a Garden Full of Pollinator Plants Growing a garden is so much more than producing food and flowers for you to enjoy. It’s about creating an ecosystem where wildlife, pollinators, and nature can thrive. Creating an abundant ecosystem is … Read More

Organic Peter Pan Squash Seeds

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This compact patty pan is an excellent choice for those growing in containers. Light green fruits are 1-3″ in size. These scalloped squash have superb texture and can produce over a long period of time.

Organic Gold Nugget Squash Seeds

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squash, gold nugget

This compact winter squash is an excellent choice for those growing in containers. Grow in the garden for sweet fiberless squash that you can enjoy all winter long.

Organic Drying Cayenne Pepper Seeds

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cayenne pepper

These cayenne peppers pack a kick! A great pepper for drying as they have long, thin walls that taper at the bottom. We use them all year long after growing them in the summer. An excellent choice for pickling and canning too!