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Candy Stripe Cosmos


Cosmos are charming flowers that add color and movement to every garden. Foot tall plants produce copious amounts of pink and white pastel-colored flowers that move in the wind. Grows great as a border plant or mixed into other crops.

Candy Stripe Cosmos2021-03-03T16:03:54-08:00

Sweet Lunchbox Pepper Mix


Our sweet lunchbox mix peppers are perfect for snacking! These sweet and crunchy peppers are the perfect size for tossing in your lunch bag for a healthy snack.  Red and orange peppers are about 2-3" long and irresistibly tasty!

Sweet Lunchbox Pepper Mix2021-03-03T12:34:56-08:00

Organic Detroit Dark Red Beet Seeds


A classic beet with deep red color. Beets are best when grown in light soils that allow them to form their root easily. Compost can help improve your soil structure. If good, light soil is unavailable, grow in a container filled with a light potting mix! Succession plant for continued harvest.

Organic Detroit Dark Red Beet Seeds2021-02-28T22:34:54-08:00

Merlot Pepper Seeds


These deep purple Merlot bell peppers are vigorous and disease-resistant. Impress your friends and family with these beauties! Use shade cloth during hottest parts of the year to prevent damage from sunscald.

Merlot Pepper Seeds2021-03-03T08:35:44-08:00

Yolo Pepper Seeds


Yolo bell pepper is a large blocky variety of bell pepper that has been improved for decades! A great bell pepper for stuffing and eating fresh. Large upright plants have heavy foliage to protect them from sunscold. If sunscald does occur; use shade cloth during hottest parts of the year to prevent damage.

Yolo Pepper Seeds2021-03-03T16:03:55-08:00

Premier Kale Seed


Premier kale produces massive amounts of dark greens for your family to enjoy. This shorter kale variety is great for containers or raised beds. Keep garden areas weed-free for best plant production. Watch for leaf-eating caterpillars when plants are young. Spray plants with an organic product or row cover for pest control.

Premier Kale Seed2021-03-03T16:03:55-08:00

Butterfly Garden Seed Mix


Our Butterfly Garden seed mix is a blend of wildflower seed contains varieties well-suited for the Southwest. Beautiful colorful blooms attract butterflies and beneficial insects. Contains Black-Eyed Susan, Butterfly Milkweed, Candytuft, Dwarf Cosmos, Dwarf Godetia, Gayfeather, Illinois Bundleflower, Indian Blanket, Lance-Leaved Coreopsis, New England Aster, Pincushion Flower, Purple Coneflower, Purple Prairie Clover, Roundheaded Bush Clover, Shasta

Butterfly Garden Seed Mix2021-03-03T13:57:39-08:00

Formula Mix Scabiosa Seed


Scabiosa Formula Mix is all-star mix! Sturdy, uniform, blooms in a wide range of colors from black, blue, creamy yellow, pink, bright red, deep blue, salmon rose, and pure white. Start early in spring and transplant out for best results. We succession plant about every three weeks for continuous blooms.