Fleur de Sel Gourmet Sea Salt


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Fleur de Sel Gourmet Sea Salt transforms everyday dishes into the extraordinary; this premium organic salt is harvested in the Mediterranean and dried on clay salt beds in France.

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If you think all salts are the same — THINK AGAIN! Fleur de Sel Gourmet Sea Salt (meaning “flower of salt”) is an all-natural sea salt that forms a fine crust on the surface of seawater as it evaporates, creating crystals with flower-like patterns in the salt crust. This premium salt is harvested in Mediterranean waters and dried on clay salt beds in France. Use as a culinary finishing salt to transform everyday dishes into the extraordinary. We use it on the farm for tomato tastings. This incredible salt elevates the flavors of tomatoes, brings out the tannins that make tomatoes unique, and adds an amazing “crunchy” texture you’ll love. Try it today, and you will not be disappointed.

Ingredients: kosher organic sea salt (1 oz)

Stock your pantry with our Urban Farmer Pickling Kit, gourmet spice blends, and sea salts to bring out the best flavors in your organic produce. They make great gifts, too!

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