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The Dramm Touch N Flow Rain Wand is a professional watering tool to water quickly and efficiently with a bright splash of color!

Product Information

The Dramm Touch N Flow Rain Wand is a professional watering tool to water quickly and efficiently! We fell in love with the easy-to-use squeeze trigger and ergonomic wand design for easy watering of our garden and precious seedlings. Attach our Dramm Plastic 1000 Water Breaker for even more convenient and easy watering with aerated, rain-like water flow.

How to use The Dramm Touch N Flow Rain Wand

Attach the 16″ long rain wand to your standard hose to water your plants efficiently. A water flow lock on the clip allows for uninterrupted water flow from the shower-like nozzle of the lever-activated valve. Squeeze the lever to water, and release the lever to stop. Move from one plant to another without wasting water — a precious resource in Zones 9 & 10 and throughout the country! The shower-like spray pattern of the nozzle allows for quick watering with a full but gentle flow.

Enjoy a splash of color while tending to your plants! Rain wands are available in an assortment of bright colors chosen for you by our team. 

How do we use the Dramm Touch N Flow Rain Wand on the Farm and in the Garden?

This wand makes watering quick and easy because we can leave the hose on and waste no water with this attachment. As watering is needed, we simply grab the wand, squeeze the trigger and get a light flow of water that quickly soaks into the soil. We like to attach our Dramm Plastic Water Breaker to the wand when using it in the greenhouse.

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