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These tasty flower heads are great eaten fresh. If left to fully flower in the garden, you will get stunning blazing purple blooms.

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Green Globe Artichoke seeds produce large ornamental plants with edible flowers called artichokes. These tasty flower heads are great eaten fresh. If left to fully flower in the garden, you will get stunning blazing purple blooms. This plant is a perennial in Zones 7 and warmer, dying back and coming back each spring. Wonderful for edible landscapes and permaculture culture applications.

Planting by Zones

Zones 9-10

  • Artichokes are perennial Mediterranean natives that do really well in Zones 9 and 10. Start seeds in a greenhouse or warm space in November or December. If planting directly in the soil, wait until the soil warms in March.

Zones 2-8

  • Start seeds in 4” starter pots 6 weeks prior to planting out; nighttime temperatures should be no lower than 50°F.

Planting Artichoke Seeds

  • Because you want to get artichoke plants growing quickly to take advantage of longer days, planting them into starter pots in late winter will allow them to get as large as possible before they are planted out into the garden.
  • Start seeds in 4” pots as artichoke plants can get large. Plant seeds on top of pre-moistened high-quality seed starting mix. Cover with 1/4” of finely sifted soil.
  • Once the seedlings have germinated and have the first set of true leaves be sure to fertilize regularly with an organic liquid fertilizer.
  • If multiple seeds sprout in the 4” pot, thin to the healthiest plant.
  • When your artichokes are 8-12 weeks old, transplant them out into a full sun location with moderate fertility. Add compost and organic fertilizer at the time of planting.

Growing Artichoke

  • Artichokes are super easy to grow and need little attention. Be sure to harvest them as soon as the artichokes are ready.

Growing Artichokes in Containers

  • Artichokes do not make good container plants. They can be grown easily in raised beds but will take up a lot of space.

Harvesting Artichokes

  • Harvest artichokes as soon as they are the size of a baseball or softball. If you wait too long to harvest they will start to flower. The immature bulb is what is consumed.

Southern California Pro-tips

  • In areas of Zones 9 and 10, artichoke plants will grow for several seasons. Plants may die back during the winter but can regrow in the spring.
  • Mulch heavily around your plants to ensure the soil does not dry out or heat up too much. Compost added to the soil at the time of planting will help retain moisture in the soil during hot, dry weather.

Companion Flowers/Crops

  • Artichoke is a large plant that can grow in the same spot for several seasons. It is incredibly ornamental and can be a great addition to a flower garden or ornamental landscape.

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