Southwest Wildflower Seed Mix


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Feed the Monarchs! Narrow-leaf milkweed is a California native flower that is a preferred food source for monarch butterflies. Sometimes called Mexican whorled milkweed, this flowering perennial blooms in clusters of lavender tinted flowers. Like all milkweeds, the seed pods will swell and burst with seeds attached to silky hairs.  Monarchs eat this plant and lay eggs on it, making it an ideal plant to put in your butterfly garden.  This subshrub grows about 2-4′ tall.  Those who want to support the monarch population can plant this flower throughout their property to ensure a robust food supply for these beautiful creatures!

103 in stock

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Southwest Wildlfower Mix

Wildflower mixes are wonderful ways to fill in areas of your garden that you don’t typically cultivate. This mix is chosen specifically for the American Southwest with a focus on beautiful blooming flowers that will feed the pollinators and your soul!  The seed mix includes:

Common Name                        Scientific Name

Clarkia                                      Clarkia unguiculata

African Daisy                          Dimorphotheca sinuata

California Poppy                    Eschscholzia californica

Indian Blanket                        Gaillardia pulchella

Bird’s Eyes                               Gilia tricolor

Mountain Phlox                      Linanthus grandiflorus

Blue Flax                                  Linum perenne

Arroyo Lupine                         Lupinus succulentus

Blazingstar                               Mentzelia lindheimeri

Pale Evening Primrose          Oenothera pallida

Corn Poppy                              Papaver rhoeas

Palmer Penstemon                 Penstemon palmeri

Desert Penstemon                  Penstemon pseudospectabilis

California Bluebell                 Phacelia campanularia

Prairie Coneflower                 Ratibida columnifera

Peruvian  Zinnia                     Zinnia peruviana

Seed starting Method: Broadcast these seeds in the early spring, summer and fall in irrigated areas. For elevations below 7,000 feet in Arizona, southern California, southern Nevada, and New Mexico.

Growing requirements:  If seeds are sown thickly, thinning clusters will give you larger blooms and happier plants.  This mix does not require ongoing maintenance. Simple broadcast seeds, irrigate and thin.

Blooms: Summer and Fall. Prolonged blooming will occur with irrigation.

Soil Temperature: 45-85°F
Planting Depth: 1/4″
Days to Germination: 7-25
Days to Maturity: 65+
Height at Maturity: 2-3′
Lighting Requirements: Full Sun
Spacing: 6”-12”


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